Building a firm foundation through Christ-centered education.

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One of the hallmarks of an outstanding school is the size and impact of its endowment. Endowment funds distribute to the school, in perpetuity, income and realized capital gains that assist in reaching strategic goals and long-term improvements. There is no invasion of the principal, and funds are used in accordance with the guidelines put in place when established.

Currently, the Mariners Christian School Endowment is valued at over $800,000. The primary initiatives funded by the Endowment at this time are teacher professional growth (partially sponsoring master’s degree programs), financial aid (scholarships for students in need of short-term tuition assistance), and advancing the library program.

MCS Family Testimony

“We were led to ask for a scholarship from Mariners during a tough period in our lives, only as a last resort. The result is that we have incredible kids with great moral compasses and a deep passion for the Lord and His plan for their lives. We have made a vow that as soon as we are back on our feet, we want to establish a scholarship fund so that other families can be blessed during a time of need, just as we were.” – anonymous