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2023 – 2024 Annual Tuition

  • Transitional Kindergarten: $9,000
  • Kindergarten – 1st Grades: $10,800


  • New Student Application Fee:$100
  • Annual Enrollment Fee: $550
  • New Family Fee: $1000/family (waived for 2024-’25 school year)

2024 – ’25 Tuition

  • TK   $9000
  • K-1  $10,800

Tuition payments are made through Blackbaud Tuition Management. Other payment methods may be arranged with the business office. Tuition may be paid in one of the following increments:

  • One (1) payment during the month of July
  • Two (2) equal payments one in July and one in December 
  • Eleven (11) equal payments are automatically withdrawn on the 5th or 20th day of each month beginning in July and continuing through June with no tuition payment in January.

MCS emphasizes that operating expenses do not diminish upon the departure of the student during the course of the school year.  MCS relies on re-enrollment and payment of the $550 re-enrollment fee, as a firm commitment for the duration of the following school year. Based primarily on enrollment, yearlong commitments to staff, additional contracts, and other financial obligations are made.  To compensate for the loss of the tuition in the event of an early withdrawal, MCS will require payment according to the following structure:

10% of full tuition due for withdraw between May 1 – June 30

25% of full tuition due for withdraw between July 1-31

50% of full tuition due for withdraw between August 1-31 

100% of full/remaining tuition due for withdraw after September 1st 

To avoid any tuition penalty, written notice of withdrawal must be received by MCS no later than April 30, 2024. Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Families who are enrolling their children for the first time in TK-1st Grade will be assessed a one-time facility fee of $1,000 per family. This fee is used for ongoing maintenance of the building and grounds and is due during the first year at MCS. Arrangements may be made to pay the fee in installments.

The Student Activity Fee includes the cost for the yearbook, emergency provisions, classroom activities, assemblies, technology, curriculum, miscellaneous materials, and grade-level field trips. The student fees are included in the tuition amount.

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